Official Breakin' Brands Associationに加盟

我々サイファーコードは2022年8月に発足したOfficial Breakin' Brand Association(OBBA)に発足メンバーとして加盟致しました。

OBBAは、Breakin' Communityの6つのBreakin' brandsからスタートし、Breakin' cultureとcommunity、そしてそれらがやがて世界に還元することを目標に、Breakin' 向けの多様なアパレルを提供し続けることに努めていきます。

私たちは、Breakin'にルーツを持つブランド同士が同盟を結び、Breakin'コミュニティと文化をサポートし、持続可能なBreakin'の未来、健全なBboy & Bgirl文化=健全なBreakin'ビジネスのために協力し合えるような世界を作り上げることを目指しております。

Our mission is to unite like-minded authentic Breakin’ brands to collaborate and strive under one roof, through an alliance that provides a vast arsenal of break-wear for Bboys & Bgirls thus take back ownership of being the trendsetters in global streetwear fashion.

Starting out with 6 Breakin’’ brands from the Breakin’ community, OBBA strivse to continuously provide diverse apparel that is geared for Breakin’, with the goal of giving back to the Breakin’ culture, community
— and soon the rest of the world.

Unlike corporate sports brads, OBBA envisions the use of “mix and match” with various Breakin’ brands rather than discouraging it.
Together we seek to build an ark that will stand the test of time, creating a sustainable eco-system and healthy Breakin’’ industry where the major sports brands can’t exploit the culture and abandon the culture again.

We believe in mapping out a system where continuous support goes in both directions: for our association and our supporters. We recognize the individual’s talent and skills and want to acknowledge their hard work through incentives when they represent in our gear and we aim to support local Breakin’ scenes in third-world countries by providing them opportunities to showcase their hidden talents to the rest of the Breakin’ community.

We visualize a world where Breakin’ brands will view each other as allies and enable us to support our Breakin’ community and culture through our unified alliance for a sustainable Breakin’ future, for a healthy Bboy & Bgirl culture = a healthy Breakin’’ Business.